Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Starting this Blog

I have been long in search of a website, a mention or anything that showed that Clan Ogilvy was in existance and active. In my search I have found the Clan Cheif for the USA and in brief conversations with him I have discovered that the Clan as a whole is not very active. I would like to change that. I am currently working on getting the clan active in the states of Kansas and Colorado and would love to see who else is out there looking for the same thing that I am. Hence the reason I started this Blog.

Now I am not a historian by any nature of the title but do enjoy the stories of Clan Ogilvy's past endevors. I will strive to bring those stories forth as well as any updates of Clan activities or gathering I see up coming.

Please feel free to leave a comment of interests or if you would like to see something included in the blog.

Thank you for looking.